Broad expertise, proximity to customers and a mobile workforce

have been bringing us success since 1925

Paul Groth set the course for our company with his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision.
His professional competence became recognised far beyond his own country.

PAUL GROTH in Treptow1925 Founding of the company

Paul Groth founds PAUL GROTH Mühlenbau in Treptow/Rega (Pomerania).

1945 Paul Groth leaves Pommerania with his family

and begins his work once more in Wrist in Schleswig Holstein.

1948 Company premises in Neumünster - airfield

Together, the family builds up the company again in Neumünster.

1960 Relocation to Elmshorn

PAUL GROTH in ElmshornThe company relocates to its current premises on Langelohe in Elmshorn.

1965 A new generation in the company

Paul Groth's daughter Christel Diness assumes management of the company. Together with master miller Detlef Wiese, she ably carries her father's legacy on.


Start of the 1990s

Annette, Niels and Andreas Diness join the family company.

1997 Another new generation takes over

Christel Diness hands the company over to her children.

Niels Diness and Andreas Diness assume management of the company.4 generations at PAUL GROTH

2005 Certification to ISO 9001


The fourth generation of the family is now involved in the company
in the form of Alina Diness, daughter of Annette and Andreas Diness.

2008 Construction of a new hall

A combined punching and plasma machine is erected in the new hall.

2011 "Systematic safety" seal of quality

A system of health and safety management is established.


Paul Groth Mühlenbau Elmshorn