Continuous mixer MKM

Continuously mixing of bulk materials

The mixers type MKM are suited to the continuous mixing of free-flowing bulk goods and the addition of liquids. A tried and tested mixing system can be used in the food, chemical and plastics industry.   

Contimixer MKM


The individual components are fed simultaneously and continuously into the machine, the rotating mixing paddles ensure a radial and axial mixing and convey the mixing goods over the entire length of the drum via the overflow weir to the outlet. The dwell time can be regulated by adjusting the speed and weir. The mixers are fitted with suitable equipment to mix liquids for moistening or granulating the mixing goods.   

Areas of use

MKM contimixers are suitable for all dry mixtures (powder, granules) and for dry media with the addition of liquid to adequately moisten or granulate it, for example for

  • foodstuff
  • feedstuff
  • chemical products
  • synthetic materials

Standard design

  • Stable construction with low dead space, without removable parts in the product area
  • Low design height and low space requirement
  • Manually adjustable weir
  • Glass bead blasted surface
  • Shaft sealing as a result of packing glands that can be adjusted externally
  • Large inspection and cleaning flap protected by a limit switch
  • Material: stainless steel


Contimixer: Sizes and technical data

TypE Mixing capacity l/h Content of drum l Weight kg
MKM 700 250 - 3.200 45 270
MKM 1000 500 - 15.000 190 390
MKM 1400 4.000 - 45.000 510 520


  • Shaft sealing with air flushing / barrier gas
  • Moistening device
  • Double shell for heating or cooling 
  • Inspection and cleaning opening with quick release closures and limit switches
  • Materials: stainless steel 1.4571, others on request
  • Travelling mechanism and control unit, CIP cleaning system
  • Special dimensions and specialist designs


  • High and even mixture quality from short mixing times
  • Large openings for cleaning and inspection