Magnetic grid box

The magnetic grid box is installed in the piping system in such a way that the product flows through the magnetic grid, which removes parts containing iron from the product.

Magnetic grid boxBrief description of the magnetic grid box

  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Single-layer permanent-magnetic grid with neodymium magnets,
    magnetic rods Ø 23 mm
  • Cleaning door with quick lock
  • Grid is cleaned manually once removed
  • Outlet with long adapter to round, no product residue

Magnetic grid box data and dimensions

Magnetic grid boxMagnetic grid box









Magnetic grid box

Type MB300 MB350
  mm 300 x 300 350 x 350
    4 5
M mm 300 x 300 350 x 350
  d1 mm 200 250
  H mm 373 373
  H1 mm 140 140


Frame with magnetic grid

Frame with magnetic gridMagnetic grid