Screw dischargers and multiple trough screw conveyors

Complete discharging of products with poor flow characteristics screw dischargers


Screw discharger

With a screw discharger, even products with very poor flow characteristics can be reliably discharged from containers and silos. In combination with a frequency inverter, it is possible to regulate the discharge capacity continuously.

Screw dischargers are dimensioned and designed according to requirements.

The standard version is made of steel or stainless steel; the screw flights can also be manufactured from highly wear-resistant steel.



Multiple trough screw conveyors

Trough screw conveyors can be used as multiple screw conveyors if on-site conditions or the products themselves call for smaller screw diameters or low installation heights.

  • We design the size and number of the screw conveyors on an individual basis
  • Standard version: steel or stainless steel, screw flights also available in highly wear-resistant steel

Doppel-Trogschnecke aus lackiertem Stahl