Volumetric feeder MDG-B

Dosing of good flowing to slow-flowing bulk goods

The dosing device MDG-B volumetrically doses flowing to slow-flowing bulk goods with product-specific dosing accuracy. They can be integrated into existing in-line processes or used as a stand-alone devices. 

The volumetric feeder MDG-B designed by MANCON is now manufactured and distributed by PAUL GROTH Mühlenbau.

Starting with our standard design we adapt the dosing device to the product properties, the installation option and the process requirements.
Dosing devices are also available for ATEX zone 22.

Volumetric feeder MDG-B


The bulk goods reach the tray through the product inlet where they are incorporated by a frequency-controlled dosing element and are transported to the dosing pipe outlet. A separately powered aerator prevents bridging and ensures steady filling of the dosing conveyor.

Areas of use

The feeders can be used in many areas of industrial production given its product-specific designs, for example for 

  • foodstuff (powder, granules, flakes, dried fruit)
  • feedstuff
  • chemical industry
  • construction chemical industry
  • synthetic materials

Standard design

  • Trough, dosing element with drive siutable for frequency inverter and with aerator 
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Glass bead blasted surface
  • Shaft sealing with HD shaft sealing rings

Feeders: sizes and technical data

Type Flange inside (mm) Feed rates (l/h)
MDG-B1 250 x 250 0,5 -400
MDG-B2 250 x 250 40 -1.800
MDG-B3 350 x 350 150 -6.800
MDG-B4 420 x 420 710 -36.000


Feeder with pre-hopper dosing element Dosing element and aerator
feeder with pre-hopper dosing element dosing element and aerator



  • Shaft sealing with adjustable gland packing  and air flushing
  • Double shell for heating and cooling 
  • Vertical outlet pipe with and without closing flap
  • Various forms of dosing coils and full blade screws
  • Special design for dried fruit
  • Surface finish: glass bead blasted to highly polished
  • Materials: stainless steel 1.4571
  • Travelling mechanism, control unit and premixing tank with safety grate/level indicator


  • Adaptation to various dosing activities by means of different dosing elements and speeds
  • Adaptation to various bulk goods
  • Emptying of residues
  • Easily removable front cover for cleaning purposes
  • Easily removable front cover for changing the dosing element